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We believe very strongly that you deserve clarity in salon pricing.  We are tired of the way many salon's abuse the term (and up) to improve commissions.  Our staff is not paid on commission (more on that later) and we have designed a very clear policy that we call Plus.


We only use the concept of Plus pricing in our colour services and our styling prices.  It is only used when a service needs extra time, extra product, or will include additional steps.  It is a fixed price that can be communicated at the beginning of each service.    


Don't be alarmed, we use the term Corrective to mean a significant change in direction.  It does not always mean "fixing bad hair."  The process of going from very light to dark, or from dark to very light is Corrective.  We do this to make it easier for the stylist by giving them lots of time to work with you.  Its also a more appropriate pricing model.  Often the initial Corrective service to make the change will be costly, but the subsequent maintenance is less.  We can map that out for you.  

We think its just better to be honest.  When the change you seek is Corrective - we will tell you up front and tell you exactly the price for the present and the future maintenance.  


We would appreciate 24 hours notice when you need to cancel an appointment.  It helps us accommodate other clients who want to get in as most of our team has a waitlist.   We do not charge a Cancellation Fee because the vast majority of our clients have always been great about cancelling.  We can work with those clients who find it hard to cancel 24 hours in advance and find a solution that works for everyone.


All our team is paid a Salary.  They do not get commissions on services or retail.  We believe in encouraging them to view themselves as Service Providers and Artists - not as a Salesperson.  Paying salary allows us to value them for all that they do in the salon and it also allows us to provide them with a stable, consistent income that covers sick days, and other time off.  Like a career!

Even better.  It means we work as a team.  Their commission is not impacted if you need to see someone else because your preferred stylist is busy, or away.  They work together.  New clients are booked based on matching that client with the right stylist and not just "whose turn it is."