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Our mission is to connect with people through self-care

Salon's transform people.  A new mood. A new look.  A better day.

It is the experience of self-care that transforms you.  We believe in the importance of caring for each other and the role of the hair salon in creating opportunities for all of us to connect with ourselves and with others for the purpose of self-care.

What do we mean by self-care?

Self-care is not an indulgence.  It is not a luxury.  It is an essential part of reaching our potential.  It is feeling connected to ourselves, our needs and our dreams.  

We define it as feeling beautiful, living well, mastering our needs and experiencing the joy of connection.

We're in the business of supporting your self-care and we want to change how salons do it.  It starts with taking better care of hairdressers and the connections they create with clients.

Our mission is to transform our clients by connecting them to the practices of self-care.  

We know that the stylist plays a critical role in helping clients achieve that self-care.  That is why we have set out to take better care of stylists and the connection they create with their clients.

We follow a very simple premise -   stylists will flourish when you build the right world for them to work and connect with clients.

To that end, we are committed to building better client relationships by not paying commissions, and by not double booking our stylists.  It is why we let our stylists' choose their own time standards for services and why we do not charge for treatments.  When they need more time to complete a service - they get it.  When they need to help their client with a special treatment - its their choice.

Here at Stylers Inc, we believe hair is self-care.  It is personal transformation because no matter what service you receive - taking care of our hair is an important part of taking care of ourselves -  it is an investment in our happiness, confidence and identity.


A culture built on connection and generosity



We aim to contribute to making our city and our industry a better place to live and work


Every business must contribute to the creation, preservation and iteration of freedom.


We are better together.  Collaborate to enhance what is possible for all.



Kindness scales.


We believe an open studio is better.


A salon should be a place of joy - it should captive and excite.

We believe in......
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